Food,Chemicals and pharmaceutical

Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Food, chemical and pharmacy products require unitary packaging or labeling. As a result, some cases this forms the whole package itself. ‘meler‘, pursuing an effort to service all clients possible, brings its technology, quality and assistance to resolve packaging problems in the most traditional markets. For example, in cans or bottles labeling the conventional roller system, expensive and high-maintenance, is replaced by the application of swirl techniques. The design of new guns allows selecting automatically the size of the label to print. ‘meler‘ keeps innovating day to day to ease the gluing tasks and reduce the application costs.

  • Cans and ET bottles labeling.
  • Sealed packaging of bulk or grind products.
  • Fruit and vegetable packaging on stackable trays.
  • Cans unitary packaging.
  • Decorative caps for perfume and cologne bottles.
  • Cork lids for wines.



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