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Meler offers a new technology in hot-melt foam applications

As result of his recent cooperation with the firm PUFFE ENGINEERING GmbH, with high prestige in the world of hot-melt application, we have developed a new concept in hot-melt foam applications.

This technology, by injection of gas (air or nitrogen) in the pumping circuit of the adhesive, is able to increase the volume of material applied, reducing up to 50% the amount of adhesive used.

Its main applications are found in the field of sealing (in refrigeration, automotive, electrical equipment), in mattresses manufacturing, sandwich panels, filters, etc.


Quality and competitiveness: build your own model and pay only what you are going to use.

' meler ' has put on sale the new design of a 200L drum unloader, fitting its features to the customer application needs.

The new drum unloader offers the following advantages of flexibility and modularity:

- It is possible to assemble three different platen up to a maximum melting rate of 165 kg/h (according to adhesive type).

- All the range of gear pumps used in other melting units are allowed to be install, from 1 to 30 cc/rev in single pump version or 0.6 to 4.8 cc/rev in double pump version.

- Electrical cabinet and control panel more simple and intuitive, friendly to use.

- Two versions of temperature control available, Pt100 or Ni120, for all heated elements.

- Automatic system, optional, of input air to move up the platen in empty drum changes.

- Optionally there are available an automatic pressure discharge system, automatic control of bypass valve and four colors light beacon.


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